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Hi, I’m Katie and I’m participating in Sugar Free February in aid of Cancer Research. I’m part of the Contact Centre team at OSD Healthcare and have decided to document my journey for all to read.


Sign reads: Please do not offer me any sweet treats during February. I am currently raising money for Cancer Research by participating in Sugar Free February. Thank you.


The start of my sugar free journey began with my shopping trip before the beginning of the month. I have never struggled to shop until now, but this week took me 2 hours. That’s 2 full hours of checking food labels and ingredients for sugar. To say it was time consuming is an understatement but it was definitely worth it – I didn’t realise how much sugar was in all the foods I was eating! The Change4Life Food Scanner App was amazing, and a lifesaver if I’m honest. It allowed me to see exactly how many sugar cubes were in each item of food that I would or wouldn’t be consuming. I shopped with the intention of only eating naturally occurring sugars, such as berries, and limiting my intake to be as sugar-free as possible.


Then it was the day before the beginning. January 31st was my last day of snacking and I must admit, I over did it a little on the biscuits and ice cream. I know I consumed at least 45 sugar cubes this day – oops! It was an indulgence to send me on my way for a sugar free Feb. Please learn from me and accept a friendly word of advice – if you are planning on going sugar free, do not take a page from my book and consume as much sugar as possible. The headache the next day was unreal! I really struggled to function.



Katie’s last day of eating sugar before Sugar Free February started


Day 1 behind me, the remainder of my first week was okay. I went out for a meal on day 2 and I wasn’t even bothered by the lovely chocolate pudding that sat opposite me on the table after we finished our meal. I enjoyed leaving the restaurant feeling comfortable rather than overly full up. I have struggled with the tiredness this week though and didn’t enjoy having achy joints on day 4 – which I really didn’t expect. Sugar free sweets and marshmallows have been helping me massively on my journey, especially as snacking at work is a big weakness of mine. My colleagues have been warned to keep the biscuit tin away.


Donations of support have been pouring in and by day 4 I had already raised £255! I’ve now upped my goal and am excited to see what benefits the next 3 weeks bring. There’s no way I can let all of my supporters down. Cancer awareness and prevention is close to my heart and the driving force for me to take on this challenge. Cancer has affected both sides of my family in the last 3 years and many other friends and family before this. It is a cause that no amount of money can cure but funding the research to do so is very important.


Here’s to the next 3 weeks! Look forward to an update next week on Week 2 of my Sugar Free February. I am so excited to keep you updated on my journey and thank you for your support!