A message regarding our move from One Stop Doctors to OSD Healthcare from Dan Buttigieg, our Chief Executive Officer


In my time here I have seen the high level of care and service we provide to our patients time and time again.  It gives me a great sense of comfort and pride to know that our team here are working on our number one priority, to deliver the very best clinical outcomes for our patients in a safe and relaxing environment.


It has also become very clear to me, in order to achieve OSD Healthcare ambitions and to ensure we make our services accessible to the wider communities in which we work, we have to do more.  After speaking with our current members and patients, as well as members of the community yet to use our services, we have agreed on a way forward and have made some key decisions to support us on our journey.


As a result, there are already a number of exciting developments underway:


From the 2nd April 2019, One Stop Doctors will be trading as OSD Healthcare.  This subtle change allows us to build on the reputation we have built over the past 2 ½ years but it also more accurately reflects our wider breadth of services (we are more than just a ‘Doctors’).  OSD Healthcare want to be your partner for a healthy life and it is this personalised partnership approach that will drive our decision making about the services we offer in the future. Our Current Available Services Include: GP Appointments, Diagnostic Imaging, Dentistry, Physiotherapy and access to Specialist Consultants. The move to OSD Healthcare affects our trading name only so you will still see references to One Stop Doctors on receipts and other correspondence.


Membership offering

By being your partner for a healthy life, we want to develop our current membership offering to ensure it provides value for money and flexibility, making it a truly personalised membership which offers you access to services when you need them.  We have already made our first steps on this journey by including unlimited GP appointments for our current members and we will be launching a fully revitalised membership offering later in the year.


Ambulatory Surgical Unit

It is very exciting to announce that we have begun building work on our new Ambulatory Surgical  Unit (ASU) extension to our Hemel Hempstead Clinic.  This new ASU will enable us to offer patients day case surgical procedures using two state of the art theatres.  This enables us to provide end to end care for more of our patients than ever before.  The build is scheduled to take one year and we are looking forward to treating our first surgical patients in early 2020.


Underpinning all our activity at OSD Healthcare will be our Purpose, Mission Statement and Organisational Values which reflects our direction of travel and help to articulate who we are.  I wanted to share these with you so that you get an essence of the organisation we are striving to become and how we will be guided and behave in our interactions with you.



Making a positive impact on the lives of those around us


Mission Statement

We exist to take the stress out of healthcare.  We provide clear and expert support, guidance and treatment along every step of life’s health and wellbeing path, all underpinned by the highest standards of clinical excellence.

We are driven by a desire to find better ways to serve the communities in which we work and the people with whom we deal and are not afraid to challenge ourselves and those around us to bring about positive change.



  • Collaboration: We work together as a team with our patients, partners and colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for all.
  • Courage: We think differently and are not afraid to innovate to bring progression to what we do and how we do it.
  • Empathy: We are aware of those around us and are observant and responsive to their feelings and needs.  We always act with compassion.
  • Simplicity: We are clear in everything we do and how we do it.  We are free from complexity and complication.  We are friendly, approachable and easy to do business with.
  • Wisdom: We are knowledgeable and experienced and show insight, understanding and good judgement at all times.

I firmly believe we are now on the path to delivering against OSD Healthcare’s purpose and mission and I am extremely excited about 2019 and the years beyond. More updates will follow but if you would like to discuss any aspect of the information contained within this post please contact enquiries@osdhealthcare.co.uk or call 01442 331363.


Stay healthy,


Daniel Buttigieg

Chief Executive Officer

OSD Healthcare