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Paediatrics: Constipation and Stool Withholding

Constipation and stool withholding in children can be a serious concern for many families.


There are many reasons why a child might resist and withhold stool. Our team of experts recognise how painful, uncomfortable and distressing this can be for a child and how this distress can permeate throughout the whole family.

Symptoms often go unrecognised, as many parents can mistake their child’s cues as an attempt to have a movement rather than bowel withholding.

At OSD Healthcare, we have a host of paediatric services with both Paediatric Consultants, Child Psychologists and other therapists on hand to provide a treatment solution for your child to ensure they have a happy and healthy bowel/bladder.


For guidance, online resources such as are also available for more information on child constipation.

Parents, please contact us to discuss your concerns and make an appointment 01442 331 900.