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Epilepsy is a common neurological condition and refers to recurrent unprovoked seizures or fits.


At OSD Healthcare, our team of expert Consultant Paediatricians can assess your child and provide timely solutions.

Epilepsy in children can present itself in a variety of different behaviours including:

  • Appearing vacant/absent or confused
  • Stiffness in the limbs
  • Jerking or shaking of the limbs

There are a number of causes for epilepsy in childhood but generally with treatment symptoms can improve and be effectively managed.


What does diagnosis involve?

Children with suspected epilepsy usually need to have an EEG (Brain wave tracing) to check if there are abnormal wave discharges.

The EEG is usually requested by the doctor to help with supporting the diagnostic assessment.  Children can still be diagnosed with Epilepsy if the EEG is negative. The description and video recording of the seizure episodes are the key factors needed in making the diagnosis of epilepsy



Once the child has been diagnosed the Consultant will discuss the best course of treatment. Epilepsy is mainly managed through medication, however, there are other treatments available as well.

Children with epilepsy need long-term monitoring whilst being treated.

For guidance, online resources such as are also available for more information on childhood epilepsy.

If you’re a concerned parent please contact us to learn more or make an appointment 01442 331 900.

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